The following Terms and Conditions are automatically accepted when a Booking is made.

Booking Confirmations

a) All Bookings made will be confirmed by an email to the email address provided and will include our unique reference number.

b) It is The Client’s responsibility to ensure a Booking Confirmation Number has been received as we cannot guarantee a booking has been made otherwise.

c) The Client must make sure all details contained in the booking are correct and accurate. Any subsequent changes made to a Booking will be provisional unless confirmed by F.J.S Executive Chauffeur Services in an email providing the amended Booking Details.

d) All content bookings relating to transfers must take into consideration check in times and guidelines provided by their relevant airline, cruise or other similar provider.

e) The Client must provide the following details and confirm their accuracy on the Booking Confirmation so that we are able to fulfill our obligations.

Passenger Name
Mobile Number
Email address
Arrival / departure times and Official Flight Details or similar Special Requirements/Instructions


a) All cancellations must be notified in an email to F.J.S Executive Chauffeur Services, who will confirm the cancellation of the booking by email.

b) The following Cancellation Fee will be applied.
Cancellation Notice
Cancellation Fee
Less than 48 hours Notice before Job Date – Full Charge
Over 48 hours Notice before Job Date – No Charge

c) Please note if Special Requirements have been arranged or deposit paid for and detailed on the Booking Confirmation, these are not subject to this clause and will not be refunded.

Special Requirements

Special requirements must be stated 24 hours prior to the Date of the Booking (Job Date) and are chargeable unless agreed otherwise. We will endeavour to meet all reasonable requests for Special Requirements but failure to do so will not constitute a breach of contract.


a) The Fees quoted are in Pounds Sterling.
b) All Fees are payable in advance for all non-Account Holders.
c) Amendments to a booking may result in an amendment to the Fee.
d) Credit Card Payments will attract a surcharge of 10% on top of the cost of the booking.
e) Any additional or special charges must be made in advance or before the end of the Hire.
f) Waiting time will be charged 15 mins after the booking time @ £25.00 per hour or part of.
g) When meeting and greeting a flight waiting time will be charged from 60 minutes after the original booking time.


a) Refund will be made to the same card that was used for payment. Due to money laundering laws refunds cannot be made to another card.
b) If a deposit has been made to secure a booking it is non-refundable.


F.J.S Executive Chauffeur Services will travel by the most appropriate route on the day using our experience & knowledge of local conditions, unless instructed otherwise by the Client at the time of booking.

Additional Charges

The Client will be responsible to pay for additional charges incurred which have not been pre-agreed, this must be paid for at the end of the journey in full.

From 6am on 24th December until 6am on 27th December and from 6am on 31st December until 6am on 2nd January, a 100% surcharge will be levied on all charges.


The following is a non-exhaustive list of Restrictions. It is the Client’s responsibility to contact our Team if you need further clarification in relation to the restrictions listed below and the suitability of our vehicles.

No Smoking – We operate a strict no-smoking policy in all of our vehicles.

Passengers – Under no circumstances will the vehicle carry more passengers than the vehicle is licensed for and insured to carry.

Parking – Our Chauffeurs are instructed not to wait in undesignated areas or where a fine could be imposed. Any parking fines incurred as a result of a hire will be payable by the Client.

Animals – No animal may be carried without prior consent and this will usually be restricted to domestic animals housed securely in a suitable carrying case that is in good repair.

Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs – Will be carried provided we are given a minimum of 48 hours’ notice.


We reserve the right to sub contract The Booking.


The person who made the booking will be charged for rectifying the vehicle should any damage or soiling occur, caused by the Client or Passenger. Actions and for losses incurred whilst the vehicle was unusable. In the event of sickness, spillages and soiling in the vehicle, the cost of a valet and time lost will be a minimum of £150.00.


We reserve the right to change the Chauffeur any time prior to the start of the Booking.


If for any reason we are unable to provide the Vehicle requested we will at our expense provide an equivalent or upgraded model.

Mechanical Failure

In the unlikely event of a failure of a vehicle F.J.S Executive Chauffeur Services we will send a replacement vehicle and Chauffeur at our cost and earliest convenience. All vehicles are covered by breakdown policies.


Any problems or complaints or concerns in relation to your booking must be made within 28 days from the end of the Job (including receipts and documentary proof of alleged losses) to Customer Services including your Booking Reference

a) By Email : info@fjsexecutive We will acknowledge all complaints within 48 hours (or the first working day if this falls on the weekend or public holiday. Our policy is to resolve any issues raised within 28 days and in accordance with our complaints policy.

Lost Property

a) F.J.S Executive Chauffeur Services accept no responsibility or liability for loss or damage covered by the Client’s own insurance.

b) F.J.S Executive Chauffeur Services will keep a lost property book at their office, and will endeavour to return any lost goods left in our vehicle(s) or subcontracted vehicle(s) to the Client.

c) It is the Passengers responsibility to ensure that all luggage and personal effects have been loaded into the vehicle at the start of the journey.

d) F.J.S Executive Chauffeur Services accept no responsibility for personal property left in our vehicle including but not limited to monies, jewellery and other valuables. It is the Client’s responsibility to check the vehicle at the end of the journey. e) Passenger’s property is carried at their own risk and F.J.S Executive Chauffeuring shall not be held responsible/liable for any loss or damage to such property. f) F.J.S Executive Chauffeur Services will endeavor to ensure that any item that is left in any of our cars is returned in accordance with our Lost Property Policy a copy of which can be found on our website.

Health & Safety

a) Passengers are required to wear seat belts at all times and any injury caused by passenger’s irresponsibility such as not wearing a seat belt or opening doors before the vehicle has come to a halt cannot be claimed under our insurance.

b) F.J.S Executive Chauffeur Services do not accept any responsibility for death or injury caused during the Hire unless caused as a result of F.J.S Executive Chauffeur Services

c) F.J.S Executive Chauffeur Services are trained and instructed to drive at safe speeds in accordance with road conditions, traffic and legal speed limits.

d) F.J.S Executive Chauffeur Services have the right to refuse to carry any passenger who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and whose behavior poses a threat either to the Chauffeur, the vehicle or any other passenger(s).

e) F.J.S Executive Chauffeur Services will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse directed to its Chauffeurs or other staff.

f) F.J.S Executive Chauffeur Services will be responsible for all acts and omissions of our staff.

Force Majeure

F.J.S Executive Chauffeur Services will do our utmost to ensure our drivers are punctual We cannot accept responsibility for delays caused by circumstances outside of our control such as but not limited to traffic delays, weather, mechanical or electrical failure of our vehicle, pollution, natural disaster, terrorism, vandalism.

Statutory Rights

Nothing contained in these terms and conditions can or is intended to affect the Client or Passengers’ statutory rights.

Terms & Headings

All Headings are for guidance only and have no legal meaning.

Void Clause

If any clause in deemed unenforceable it will not be relied upon but the rest of the terms will still remain in force.


This Agreement is subject to the jurisdiction of the Laws of England & Wales.

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